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KALLISTI was created several years ago. Since then, the blogopshere has gotten richer, but this devotee to Apollon (and now the Erinyes) is still here providing anecdotes of personal practice, communicating about various theological/moral/philosophical beliefs of myself and others, linking to valuable and/or interesting media sources, and sharing resources about Hellenic polytheisms with the general community.

24 April 2011

A Late Happy Mounikhia

This Mounikhia didn’t happen the way Mounikhias have tended to happen. The first time, I stuck candles in store-bought pancakes and stuck birthday candles in them. Every celebration since has involved birthday candles and baked goods as well, but this year was the first year I actually made anything.

Except I didn’t manage to celebrate Mounikhia on the actual day this year.

I made an executive decision based on the amount of stress from school I was under. To quote something I said elsewhere:
Mounikhia actually started last night and ended at sunset today, but I am celebrating on Friday instead because being miasma-free is really important when it comes to Artemis. I mean, I haven't showered, I feel gross, and I have been so centered on schoolwork that I actually thought I had missed Mounikhia over the weekend because I forgot which day of the lunar month it was.
And then I checked my Yahoo! mail account for the first time in ages and discovered that Mounikhia was actually several days later than I thought it was. For some reason, I thought that the full moon had occurred on the weekend and that the holiday was celebrated slightly closer to it or on it. Don’t ask me why.

I consulted briefly with Random.org’s coin tosser and decided that I was celebrating on Friday instead. (The coin tosser said no to Thursday. Thursday ... was not good anyway. I was spontaneously abducted and brought to a trivia game.)

For Mounikhia, I used a single-serving cupcake/muffin recipe and formed the dough in a half-moon shape, put it in the microwave for two minutes, and spread a chocolate-coconut thing over the top. It had candles and it was beautiful:
The sacrifice went entirely to Artemis.

So happy belated Mounikhia!

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