31 July 2014

Let's Do A Meetup!

So, one of the outcomes from the Polytheist Leadership Conference is that there are a lot of us Hellenists in the NYC area, and we want to keep the conversation going.

Let's do this! I'd like to propose a meetup on September 6th at 2:00 PM at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. If the weather is nice, we can meet in front of the museum. If it’s not nice, we can meet just inside (before one purchases tickets).

We can do several things:

  • Go to galleries of mutual interest in the museum and visit statues of gods.
  • Talk and interact socially with an ideologically diverse group of Hellenists (and associated polytheists).
  • Maybe grab something to eat afterward if the conversation and camaraderie still has momentum.
If you would like to come, please use this Google Form so I can contact you a week or so beforehand with details. 



Ruadhán J McElroy said...

Dang! Terrible timing for me, as I'll (hopefully) be settling in at my new place that week (or, worst case scenario, I'll be on my friend Lorraine's couch). If all goes well, though, I should definitely host something at Island Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Julia Ergane said...

I've put the date in the calendar. It has been a long while since I've been in the city; but it really is really only about 2 hours from SE Connecticut. I will really try to make it.